Blue Snap: Changing The Face of E-commerce

Modern e-commerce can be defined by three things – speed, scope, and convenience. In an ever changing global market, the ability to conduct fluid business and accept payments is vital. Delays can be costly and over-specialization can destroy a platform’s functionality before it ever gets off the drawing board. It is precisely these things that customers and clients look for in a payment processing platform, and it is how Blue Snap has been built from the ground up.

Utilizing an all-in-one payment platform, this transaction engine offers a multitude of impressive features, designed to increase productivity and revenue. Catered and scaled to individual business need, Blue Snap offers online and mobile checkout, accepts diverse marketplace payments from hundreds of different payment platforms. They offer merchant services that provide checkout support in twenty-nine languages and supporting more than one hundred different currencies. Their unique model accepts one hundred and ten different payment types, including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and PayPal. There is little wonder why they are trusted by thousands of customers around the world.

Regardless of the volume or scope, the business benefits to working with the leader in global market e-commerce speak for themselves. With the ability to sell and accept payments globally, a company can boost their revenue by opening their products and services to a wider range of customers and clients. Using e Commerce tools built directly into the engine, accounting professionals and marketing can utilize analytic tools with extensive reporting options to track patterns and repeating trends in client and business transaction histories. Coupled together with state of the art fraud protection, this creates multiple layers of protection for both customer and company alike.

Their team works with each business to create and offer solutions to every e Commerce need. Subscriptions and recurring payments are easy to set up and can be customized to fit the requirements of both product and service industries. For those with a higher volume of transaction traffic there are discounts available. There are no annual renewal fees, no set up fees, and no cancellation fees for discontinuing the service. Finally, there are no fees for full or partial refunds to either the client or the company.

In the global market a business needs to receive and verify its transactions quickly, efficiently, and accept payments from as many different sources as possible. Anything less will leave it on the sidelines.